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Join us as a Festival Partner!

The Youth Art & Literature Festival is always looking for the right event partners to reach our target audience.

Sponsorship Letter


Youth Art & Literature Festival

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am pleased to announce that the preparations for the Youth Art & Literature Festival organize by Jankriti organization and Indrāvati Natya Samiti, Sidhi (Madhya Pradesh) are well underway!

The Jankriti is a non-profit organization to promote literary, social and cultural activities in India. The Festival includes performances of renowned artists who live in Goa and other other states in the India.

“To promote youth artist and writers” is the theme of Youth Art & Literature Festival. It is a celebration of the uniqueness of our Indian Literature Art, Culture, the vitality and resilience of our spirit and values. For 3 days in Goa, their families, friends and the art lover’s audience will have the opportunity to live the magic of our unique cultural expressions.

This Festival we will offer Music, Dance and theater . A Fine Arts exhibition created and curate by Fine Arts Students from all over India. To go a step further, a art discussion will provide the space for sharing and reflections on the uniqueness and richness of  Literature art culture.

We invite you to join us for this exciting Literature and cultural event and become a Sponsor of the Youth Art & Literature Festival Enclosed is a Sponsorship proposal for your consideration. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at 9130391027/9503117270.

For more detailed program and information about the events, please see the program included in this package and visit our website at www.youthartliteraturefestival.wordpress.com

Thank you for your consideration and I look forwards to the opportunity to speak with you in furtherdetail about this exciting opportunity.


Kumar Gaurav

President Jankriti Organization






-first Youth Art & Literature Festival
-Best of Cinema, Theatre, Dance, Music, Fine
-Literature related activities

-Theatre, Music, Dance, performances and art discussions with great personalities.
-Prestigious events.
-Huge presence of Literature film, theatre, dance, music Fine arts personalities, officials, directors, actors.

– social network
-Extensive press, electronic media and outdoor coverage & promotions
Two categories for brands/ services to associate with the Youth Art & Literature Festival,

Category 1: Festival Sponsors
To provide either; Cash or a combination of Cash + material for three slots:

Co-Sponsors (Gold) -Support Sponsors (Silver) Associate Sponsors (Brownz)
Rs.20 lakhs Rs.10 lakhs Rs.5 lakhs
Max. no. of Co-sponsors – 3 Max. Support sponsors – 6 Max. Associate sponsors–10

Category 2: Festival Partners

To provide either; Cash or a combination of Cash + material and can participate by supplying any of below services, products or platforms required at the Film festival:
–    Banking        – Official vehicle        – Media
–    Airlines         – Accommodation     – Others (outdoor, venue, etc.)

Festival Partners
Rs. Rs.7 lakhs (Seven lakh rupees)
Max. no. of Service Partners – 5

                                                  Indicative main collateral unit for Goa Art festival 2015

Jankriti+ Indravati Natya Samiti+ Goa Art Festival 2015
Co-sponsor 1 Co-sponsor 2 Co-sponsor 3

sponsor 1



sponsor 2




sponsor  3



sponsor 4



sponsor 5



sponsor 6

Associate sponsor 1


Associate sponsor 2



Associate sponsor




Associate sponsor 4



Associate sponsor 5



Associate sponsor 6


Associate sponsor 7


Associate sponsor 8


Associate sponsor 9


Associate sponsor 10

Festival partner 1 Festival partner 2 Festival partner 3 Festival partner 4 Festival partner 5



Jankriti will deliver the following Festival Sponsors and Festival Partners:


1) The sponsorship rights to Youth Art & Literature Festival will be given to companies/ entities as per classifications provided in the document. The festival will be called Youth Art & Literature Festival, Youth Art & Literature FestivalSponsor and Festival Partner logos will appear on theYouth Art & Literature Festival marketing properties/ collaterals. These companies/ entities can utilise their Goa art festival association in any of their own marketing or promotional material at their own expense.

2) The Youth Art & Literature Festival logo/ branding/ design element will be a stand-alone unit. The companies’/ entities’ logo will be displayed within the festival creative unit in marketing, promotion, advertising and festival collateral. This will include hoardings, press advertisements, inserts, online media, and other material produced by the Organizers (ESG). The creative/ media / display unit of Youth Art & Literature Festival, Goa will have the following 2 (Two) elements as logos: a) jankriti, wardha b) Indravati natya samiti, Sidhi,

3) Jankriti will do media releases of Youth Art & Literature Festival through mass media in Goa and specific Indian cities.

4) Aside of this, companies/ entities will feature in Youth Art & Literature Festival leaflets, posters, banners, kiosks, etc. that Jankriti will put in Goa during the festival period.

5) Companies/ entities will have rights to carry their logo on event schedules which will be distributed to guest.

6) Companies/ entities will have rights to compere-endorsements at specific functions, presentations and felicitations at the festival.

7) Companies/ entities will have the rights to stream the festival visuals, videos on the internet and specific digital content (social media) and other content that will show the festival programs and/ or highlights.

8) The jankriti/goaartfestival website will carry the Companies’/ entities’ logos and mention their association with the Youth Art & Literature Festival

Sponsorship Form


Business Name/Contact ………………………………………………….

Address: …………………………………………………………………

Phone: ……………………………………………………………………

E-mail Address: …………………………………………………………

Method of Payment (mark one)

___ Check/Money Order (included) – ALL CHECKS MADE PAYABLE TO:

Kumar Gaurav Mishra


___ I wish to be a Co-Sponsors (Gold)– 20, 00000/- Value

___ I wish to be a Silver Support Sponsors (Silver)– 10, 00000/- Value

___ I wish to be a Associate Sponsors (Brownz)- 500000/- Value

___ I wish to be a Festival Partner

___ I wish to be a donate

Please contact me at:

Print Name:


Mail to:

Jankriti Organization

c/o suhas nagrale, vikram shila nagar, sindhi (M), Ward no. 1, Wardha 442001,



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