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In Goa art festival, along with the stalwarts, talent from India are showcasing the colours in form of Dance, Instrumental and Vocal performances and Theatre.

There will be performance of classical dance forms, Hindustani & Carnatic forms in Instrumental and Vocals, Theatre performance.


The Aim 
• Develop Performing arts in India
• Promote art and culture 
• promote young artist 
• Engage with the local community


Connect – Culture + Community + Conversation + Collaboration             

The Visual Arts programme aims to address through its various agendas to create platforms for creative discourse and collaboration, which turn the city or neighborhood where they take root into nothing less than an artistic and intellectual lever and to promote art and culture for a better community unison and dialogue.

The Aim 
• Develop visual arts in India 
• Promote art and culture 
• Attract national and international visitors to the festival, the region and India 
• Engage with the local community

The Programme

Since a festival of such a vast ambition is taking place for the first time in Thane, a comprehensive programme has been designed which includes the best representation of Visual arts from Goa , India and abroad, across its various mediums and practices to create a new view of the world – inside-out, outside-in




For the very first time Goa will come alive to a frenzy of arts and crafts in a themed pavilion that will showcase stalls of arts, handicrafts, handpicked masterpieces and unique products created by talented artists across India and the world.

stalls to splurge into artistic delights


  Paramparik Karigari
  Wearable Art
  Pottery & Ceramics


english literature

  • Poem
  • Story
  • Creative writing
  • mushayara (gazal, shayari etc)
  • Discussion on Literature
  • Discussion on Language, Literature and Culture

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