Youth Art & Literature Festival

Youth Art & Literature Festival 

(Platform for Young Artist and Writers)

Performances (Music, Dance & Theater)
Art Discussion With Renowned Personalities
Folk Art


  • Poem
  • Story
  • literature Discussion
  • Discussion on Language, Literature and culture


  • Fine Art Exhibition
  • Crft
  • Folk Art

This is serious of Festival. if u want to organize this festival in your city please contact to Jankriti. 


  • Festival organize in the collaboration of Local organisation and Jankriti
  • Finincial support form jankriti side its depand on availability
  • 80 percent artist and writers are compulsory to belong local and 20 percent from other states
  • venue and Date decide after discussion with Jankriti.
  • we are promoting young writers and artist so please encourage and give platform for mostly young writers.

For more details please contact-

Office Address

c/o suhas nagrale, vikram shila nagar, sindhi (M), Ward no. 1, Wardha 442001, Maharashtra

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